Batgirl Update 

I’ve responded individually to those who asked, but I wanted to give a general update about me, where I’ve been, and the Chronically Batgirl blog 🙂

As those who follow my Facebook page know, on the 26th of September I lost my furbaby, Gremlin. Gremlin was a lot more than a cat to me. She was my constant companion, my best friend and the greatest friend a disabled person could want. You may note that this was also the date of my last post.

After Gremlin passed, I was in shock, then grieving, and then just months and months of depression and loneliness. Throw in a terminally ill father and a few injuries and you don’t have a lot of motivation for writing.

Thats not an excuse, but an explanation. It wasn’t a conscious choice not to write, not to update, but just something that didn’t happen.

I’m feeling much better now, I have more motivation and I don’t want to sleep 20 hours a day most days.

Beyond that, I’ve started colouring regularly again – something that had fallen by the wayside – and I have so many exciting books and artists I want to show you! As I type I have several reviews in various stages of completion, and a stack more waiting for me.

Another factor that has helped is this little guy, Odin. He joined our family 2 weeks ago and is helping me heal. He also likes to walk over the laptop, but I like to think that’s Gremlins influence haha.



As for my goals for this blog? Same as they have always been – to get the word out, to as many people as possible, about the awesome (and occasionally, disappointing) colouring books that are being released, and to one day, make this blog self sufficient. Both of those goals are back on track!

Thankyou for your support and keep an eye out for some reviews in the next few days! 

Batgirl xx

6 thoughts on “Batgirl Update 

  1. I sent my love in Insta but will send again .. Gremlin was awesome. I’m glad you have Lexa and Odin although naturally they never replace those we have lost. I found of of my GALS dead sat and the other has an injury from ageing so I truly sympathise. Not all people get it unless they are animal lovers in the truest sense.

    Your blogs looking fb – I’ve only ever had your Insta and FB until I joined here to blog.

    Hope you’re well – you know as well as us from #sickgirlsclub can be ❤


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