Artist– Color Me Forum (you can see more work and find out about new and upcoming releases by this artist on their website, )

Pages – 70


  • Single sided pages
  • Solutions
  • Sample images of other books


Color Me Forums’ debut book is an original idea, combining the classic word search with the fun of colouring.

The book is approximately A4/Letter size at 27.9cm x 21.7cm and 70 pages. The cover features a half coloured amalgamation of different word searches inside the book on a glossy card colour. The spine is glue bound and will lay fairly flat after some use.

The paper is standard self publishing paper, moderate- thin thickness, bright white and with moderate texture.

Pencils perform well on the paper, layering and blending well with some effort. The paper also performs well with markers as long as used with a light hand. Water based markers layer well as long as you don’t soak the page. Alcohol markers do bleed through so ensure there is some paper or card behind the image you are working on.




The idea behind this book is a great unique idea. Word Search And Color features 15 double paged word search puzzles, each with a unique theme.

The image below is that of the ‘Healthy Habits’ word search that I have started. Other themes include Spaced Out, Candy Coma, Pet Paradise and Gemstone Party.

The format of these puzzles are double page spreads with the letters encased in a black and white image related to the theme – for example, in the Cat Crazy word search, the images around the words are a paw print, a ball of yarn, a cat in a box, a fish and a cat head. I’ve included several images as examples of this.

The lineart is consistently moderate throughout, and the size of the images means that the intricacy is quite high.  I chose to colour each icon in a particular colour, but you can do them all in different colours, one colour per word, in highlighters or any way you want!





Puzzles are a fantastic distraction technique and so is colouring. Combining the two could be a perfect solution for those who have pain or mental health issues that benefit from distraction.

The repetitive images and puzzle make this book fantastic for times when you need to be distracted with something cheerful and colourful without having to worry too much about colours or technique! 

The intricacy does mean that those with conditions affecting eyesight may struggle, but please do refer to the images and flipthrough to decide if this book is for you.

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Batgirl x

Available on the Book Depository here and on Amazon US hereThese are affiliate links – if you purchase through these links I make 4-5% of your book purchase to go towards the running of the site without changing your cost at all! Thankyou for your support x

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