Artist – Teri Sherman 

Pages – 210


  • Lined note pages
  • Portable size


The Book Of Little Art is a combination of colouring book and notebook.

The cover is a simple lineart image with a light green border, in a matte card. The spine is glue bound, and because of the thickness, it is difficult to make the book lie flat.

The book is a perfect portable size at 15.2cm x 15.2cm (6 in x 6 in) and chunky at 210 pages!

Images are single sided and do not enter the spine.

The paper is standard self publishing paper, bright white, textured and of moderate thickness.  Pencils, both wax and oil, layer well and blend with some effort.

Markers apply smoothly, although water based markers will start to tear the paper after a few layers. Alcohol markers will bleed through, so ensure you have some sheets of paper or card behind the image you are working on.

Coloured with Polychromos pencils





Teri Sherman has a variety of image themes in her repertoire, and this book showcases many different themes and images.

The lineart in The Book Of Little Art has a large variety of themes, including flowers, fairies, animals, landscapes, portraits and more. Have a look at the flipthrough at the end of this review to see all the images in the book.

Lined note pages are featured every second page, with some including a smaller image in the corner to colour.

The line weight varies from thin to thick throughout, with a handful of hand drawn greyscale images in the book as well. The intricacy remains moderate within the images, with a good mix of open spaces and more detailed areas.


The small images and variety of themes makes this a good book for people who struggle with concentration. I enjoy being able to complete a smaller image when my concentration is low.

The variety of themes is another factor that benefits those with health concerns. If you are bored of colouring flowers, you can turn the page and almost certainly find a different theme to colour, in the same handy size.

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Batgirl x

The Book Of Little Art is currently only available on Amazon US here. These are affiliate links – if you purchase through these links I make 4-5% of your book purchase to go towards the running of the site without changing your cost at all! Thankyou for your support x

Coloured with Prismacolor pencils
One of the note pages in the book



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