Publisher – Dark Horse Comics

Pages – 96

Artists – Pablo Churin, Newsha Ghasemi, Rebekah Isaacs, Georges Jeanty, Yishan Li, Fernando Melek, Karl Moline, Steve Morris, Facundo Percio



Buffy The Vampire Slayer is a series that has a dedicated following of all ages, and this colouring book is designed for this niche.

The book is a standard square size at 25.4cm x 25.4cm (10in x 10in) and 96 pages. The spine is glue bound, meaning it doesn’t lie flat immediately.  After a few uses, the book does lie flat however.

The cover is a soft matte, with an image from the interior that has sparse colouring in a deep red.

Images are single sided, and some images do enter the spine. The paper is heavyweight,  bright white and smooth. Pencils lay down nicely, but due to the lack of texture the paper will not handle more than a few layers.

Markers apply very smoothly on the paper. Waterbased markers will not bleed through unless you have a very heavy hand and many layers. Alcohol markers will bleed through, so please make sure you have something behind the artwork you are colouring.






I have been looking forward to this colouring book since I started colouring – even before it was announced. Unfortunately, I am left a little disappointed at the execution of the images.

The work of eight artists in the book means that the book lacks cohesion, with the styles of each artist varying wildly, from thick black lines to detailed and small images. This might appeal, as you do get a range of styles within one theme.

Images have a lot of range, with images of Buffy and Angel, the Scooby gang in the library, Buffys portrait surrounded by weapons and a busy night at the Bronze, all in the first few pages.

The book does follow a rough chronological order from the series, starting with Sunnydale High and ended with the iconic schoolbus finale image.

There are quotes from the show on the reverse of each image, sometimes related to the facing image.

Linework varies from heavy black lines to very thin lines and intricacy varies just as much within the artwork.  I’ve included several images and and flipthrough so you can see all the images included.


For fans of Buffy The Vampire Slayer, this could be a fantastic way to focus on something else if you are in pain, or need to quiet a loud mind.

The variety of styles and intricacy could be a benefit for some people, as you can choose which image to colour based on your ability at the time. Those with concentration issues may benefit from the change in detail as well.

Ultimately, everybody has their own preferences, and this book may be perfect for your needs. I would prefer more consistency within the artwork, but the book is a great overall look at the series that so many love.

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Batgirl x

Available on the Book Depository here or on Amazon US hereThese are affiliate links – if you purchase through these links I make 4-5% of your book purchase to go towards the running of the site without changing your cost at all! Thankyou for your support x.





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