Artist – Maria Castro

Pages – 158



Healthy Hue is a colouring and activity journal created with those of us with health issues in mind, although anyone can benefit from the features of this book.

The cover is a glossy paperback in a gradient of greens and blue. The spine is glue bound, and the book lays relatively flat from first use which is very helpful.

The paper is standard self publishing paper. It is of moderate thickness with a small amount of tooth. Pencils lay down well and blend easily. Water based markers will not bleed unless you are applying heavy pressure and if you are using alcohol markers, ensure you have some paper behind the page to protect the next pages image. Images are single sided.

My water tracking using Staedtler markers


Healthy Hue is an interesting mix of images to colour and interactive health trackers. Within the book are water, food, activity and vital trackers, as well as pages for appointments, a contact directory and a wellness tracker. There really is a tracker or space for anything a chronically ill person you might need.

The colouring pages are interspersed between the trackers and the artist has thoughtfully included low and high intricacy versions of the images to colour. The colouring pages include inspirational quotes such as ‘I can and I will’ and ‘One Step At A Time’, something many people will benefit from

The trackers are well designed, with space for dates, and whatever info you might need to record. Each tracker contains small images to colour to record the tracker. See the images for reference.

Images vary in intricacy, as the artist has included a variety of images. The full page images have two copies, one with a simpler intricacy and one that is more detailed. The tracker images are quite intricate but they are small.

As Healthy Hue has been designed to help people with health issues, it is no surprise that it is well suited for people with mental or physical health issues.

I have found it helpful to have small images to fill in while I track, for example the small water tracker images only took a minute during the day and gave me a chance to centre and colour while I take care of my health

The trackers are such that they can be used by anyone, and as tracking intake, activity, mood, appointments etc benefits all people with health issues I recommend that all my readers who enjoy colouring and have to track for their health have this book.

Healthy Hue is available on Amazon here and the Book Depository here. By using these links I receive a small (4%) commission that buys books for this blog.

I hope you have enjoyed this review,

Ali x

One thought on “Healthy Hue

  1. OMG! I love this book! What a unique concept! I love to color but am very bad at keeping track of my health! I have a multiple of health issues and this will hopefully assist me in following things closer. I am on SS so my income is limited but have saved this book on my wish list at Amazon. Do you know if saving it and then returning to it will you still get credit? I have moved this to the top of my wish list. I am so glad I found your blog and facebook page!


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