Artist – Joanna Webster and John Woodcock

Pages – 64

Publisher – Michael O’Mara Books




This review will cover both Color Quest, and the follow up Color Quest Animals. The books are structured the same, with the images being the only difference.

The Color Quest books are larger than most, at 26.5cm x 37cm and 64 pages.  The covers are a soft matte paperback, both with a design from inside the book. The US and UK versions have different covers so double check which you are buying. Pages are perforated for easy removal.

The spine is glue bound, and a little tight but will lay reasonably flat after some use. Images are single sided. The paper is bright white and has a small amount of tooth. Pencils lay down well, and water based markers do not bleed. Alcohol markers will bleed, so remove the page or have something behind the page to prevent ruining the image on the next page.

Color Quest

Color Quest

Color Quest Animals
A full page and a close-up of the colouring shapes and colours given


These books are colour by numbers books, with a little difference to the usual colour by numbers books. The images are made up of small shapes – triangles, squares, hexagons etc and you cannot tell what the image is when you start. It leaves the image a mystery to colour and uncover!

The back of both books have all 30 completed images so you can check what you are colouring if you want to. The colours are in the spine each image and easy to access without impeding on the image. I have included an image of this for both books if you want to see the images after they have been completed.

These books are a little different to the usual colour by numbers in a different way as well – after colouring it is very difficult to see the numbers after the image has been completed. Due to the nature of these books, the intricacy is quite high.

Color Quest

Color Quest Animals

Color Quest completed images

Color Quest Animals completed images


If you are someone who benefits from high intricacy in times of anxiety, or pain, or anything, then you may benefit from these books. I find it very calming to find the markers that match the colours and just colour without it needing much brain power/energy.

I would not recommend this book to those who struggle with vision or motor skills issues as the spaces are quite small and the images quite detailed, although please check the images before deciding.

Color Quest is available from Amazon US here and the Book Depository here. Color Quest Animals is available from Amazon US here and the Book Depository here. If you purchase anything from these links, I receive a small (4-5%) commission which helps run this blog.

Thankyou for reading and I hope you have enjoyed this review,


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