Artist – Adam Fisher

Pages – 208

Pubisher – Pegasus Books



This is Adam Fishers second colouring book, his first is A Brothers Grimm Coloring Book. Read that review here 

It’s smaller than most books, at 20cm x 20cm and at 208 pages, is pretty hefty. The cover is a thin, matte card with a half coloured image in a limited palette.

The spine is glue bound, but lightly, and lies reasonably flat after some use. The images do not enter the spine, because each image has a border around it preventing losing any image.

Images are also single sided, allowing for the use of most mediums. I experienced a little shadowing with fineliners and waterbased markers, but no bleeding. Alcohol markers will bleed, so make sure you’ve got a piece of card or a few pieces of paper behind the image to prevent bleeding through.

Pages are also perforated to allow for easy removal.

Coloured with Prismacolor pencils


There is a flipthrough at the end of this review

These images are filled with mythological beings, gods of all religions and myths and much more. Each image is accompanied by a small caption naming the creature and a little bit about them.

There is a variety of subjects in this book, with humans, monsters,werewolves, giants and strange creatures found only in mythology books.

Linework is thin throughout and I feel like this is detrimental to some of the images – some do feel quite busy and almost like an unfinished sketch. This is only some of the images, most suit the thin linework.

Intricacy varies, with most of the images being quite detailed with small spaces but a few others do not.


I am a big fan of escapism for health issues, and colouring fantasy is a great way to do that. The mythology theme of this book is perfect as it gives you some background to do some more research if it interests you.

The size of the images is great for those with fluctuating concentration levels, as it won’t take long to finish an image, or part of an image. The moderate intricacy is great for those with fluctuating concentration as well, as there will always be an image suitable for your mood/ability to concentrate.

The intricacy means it will probably not be suitable for those with vision or fine motor impairments, but please check the images and flipthrough at the end of the review before making up your mind!

Gods and Beasts is available from Amazon US here and the Book Depository here. Buying through these links means that the blog gets a small commission (4-5%) which helps pay for the books I review.

I hope you enjoyed this review,

Ali x

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