Artist – Tim Jeffs

Publisher – Pomegranate

Pages – 108



The publisher and artist have thought a lot about the design of this book, and it reflects this well. The cover is a glossy hardback and it is a horizontally oriented book – bound on the long side. This makes it much easier to colour the horizontal images.

The book is 28.5cm x 22cm and 108 pages. The spine is glue and string bound and it lays reasonably flat from first use. Images are single sided.

The paper is primarily black with white edging to prevent images entering the spine. The paper has a little tooth and is moderately thick. Pencils lay down well on it, and waterbased markers do not bleed.

Coloured with Tombow Irojiten pencils


Tim Jeffs creates such beautifully realistic artwork for this book, they are lifelike even without colour. There are 50 animals to bring to life in this book, including a zebra, bear, chameleons, elephants, a cheetah and so much more.

The images are hand drawn grey scale – that is the shadows and dimensions are added with pen before colouring. This gives the colourist a great idea of shadow and dimension while colouring and this shows through in the finished image.

Unlike many books with animals, these images do not contain backgrounds. The images are centred on the animals themselves. Images are mainly horizontal, although there are a handful of vertical images

Intricacy is hard to gauge with grey scale images, as you are meant to colour over the lines.I would classify this as moderately intricate as there aren’t many images with large spaces to colour.


Natural images are so good to colour when you are feeling down or need to relax. The natural colours lend themselves to feeling calmer and this book has that in abundance, perfect for  people with health issues.

I would recommend this book for those with vision or motor skills issues for two reasons. First, the intricacy is negligible as you are able to colour ‘out of the lines’ in grey scale without it being obvious, and two, because the black backgrounds means that any slips are not noticeable.

Tim Jeffs has a facebook group dedicated to his art where you can see many peoples coloured versions of his images here.

Intricate Ink Animals In Detail is available on Amazon US here and the Book Depository here. A second book is due out in June. If you purchase from these links, I receive a small (4-5%) commission to cover some of the costs of this blog,

Thankyou for reading and I hope you have enjoyed this review


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