Artist – Aaron Pocock

Pages – 64

Publisher – Dover (Creative Haven)



Dover Publications publishes many colouring books, most under the Creative Haven imprint. As with all Creative Haven books, Winged Fantasy Designs is well made with the colourist in mind.

The cover is a glossy paperback with a striking coloured design on the cover under the title. The spine is glue bound and will lay flat after some use. Pages are perforated, something many colourists prefer in a colouring book.

The paper is bright white and has some tooth. It is of moderate thickness and pencils lay down well on it. Waterbased markers do not bleed with normal pressure. Alcohol markers will bleed so ensure you have something behind the page to protect the image on the next page.

The images do not enter the spine, each has a thin black line around the borders of the image. Images are single sided.

Coloured with Polychromos pencils


As the title suggests, this book contains 31 images of various creatures with wings. If you are like me, you probably think this is limited to dragons and fantasy birds – but I was wrong. The artist has included a huge variety of mythological creatures in this book including griffins, fairies, a winged lion, warriors riding bees, unicorns, and winged gargoyles.

The artist has a distinct style that is definitely lineart but contains shades and distinctions within the artwork. This is very helpful for colourists when they are colouring and adds to the dimension of the finished image.

Intricacy is moderate, with most of the images containing larger and smaller spaces although some parts of images are quite detailed.



Escaping into fantasy via colouring is a fantastic way to deal with pain or discomfort, and this book certainly helps with that. Colouring these images and imagining the world they live in is a great distinction.

The intricacy means that this book would be suitable for those with vision or motor skill trouble, but please do check the images and video before you decide.

Winged Fantasy Designs is available on Amazon US here or the Book Depository here. If you purchase via my links I do receive a small (4%) commission from the sales and this is what keeps this blog alive.

I hope you have enjoyed this review,

Ali x



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