Artist – Eric Messinger

Pages – 80

Publisher – Design Originals


Book –

Design Originals makes hundreds of colouring and crafting books a year, and they have perfected their colouring book format. This book is approximately A4 size, at 27.9cm x 22.2cm and 80 pages, is the perfect size for home or away! The glossy card cover features a full colour image from the interior of the book.

The paper is bright white, lightly textured and of medium thickness. Images are single sided and perforated for easy removal. The title is printed on the spine. The spine is glue bound, but will lie reasonably flat with a little use.

Pencils, both wax and oil based, perform well on this paper, with several layers applied and no issue. Pencils blended easily without any wear on the paper. Both waterbased and alcohol markers applied smoothly, with no pilling or ripping of the paper. Alcohol markers do bleed through, so make sure you have a few sheets of paper or card behind the image you’re working on.

Images do not enter the spine, and pages are perforated for convenience.


Eric Messinger has created a fantasy world dominated by all manner of fantasy creatures. Along with giants, there are mages, weapons, a dragon and much more. Within this range there is a variety of sizes and types.

The artwork is varied, but each image has a focal character (or weapon) surrounded by a variety of backdrops. These range from landscapes to hills and a castle wall.

As has become standard for Design Originals coloring books, there are 10 pages with colour scheme suggestions. These are differentiated by the change in image size and perforation. The image is square and perforated along the long and short side. I’ve included an image below for reference.

The linework varies from thin to quite thick, but remains moderate-thin throughout, resulting in a higher level of intricacy.


If you find relief in fantasy images, Fantasy Adventure. The artist has created an entire world, complete with backstory, for you to disappear into. The rich characters and well created artwork are perfect for this.

The intricacy and linework mean that colorists with a condition affecting eyesight or motor skills may struggle with some parts of some images, but please refer to the images and flipthrough to see if this book would be suitable for you.

Fantasy Adventure is available from Amazon US here and the Book Depository here. Purchasing from these links means that I receive a 4-5% commission that goes directly to cover some of the costs of this blog.

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Ali x

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