The Jungle Book

Artist- Fabiana Attanasio


Publisher – White Star



Part of an ongoing series of fairy tale colouring books, The Jungle Book is one of nine titles (two to be released in October 2017), this book is designed to be part of a set. With a soft matte card cover and a coloured spine, these books look lovely together on a shelf!

The book is a good size at 25.7cm x 21.1 (10.1 inches x 8.3 inches) and 80 pages. The spine is both glue and string bound, providing great reinforcement. Some images do enter the spine, but the spine is quite pliable from first use and will loosen up with more use. 

Images are double sided, but the paper is of moderate thickness. Waterbased markers shadow slightly, but I experienced no bleeding. Watercolour pencils will probably be ok with a small amount of water, although I haven’t tested this. Alcohol markers will bleed through onto the next images. I was able to achieve a good amount of layers with both oil and wax based pencils.
Included is an A2 sized poster in the back of the book – this is printed on similar paper to the book.


The artist, Fabiana Attanasio, had created a wonderful iteration of a classic story, using a whimsical style of illustration and mix of images – there are a range of images, spanning close ups of characters, scenery, clusters of items, a group of wolves. 

There is about five images that are primarily black background images, which makes for a nice change as you colour through the story. There is a mix of double and single sided images, so you can choose depending on your mood at the time. 

Most of the images focus on a subject or subjects, for example Mowgli as a baby, the wolf pack, Shere Khan and Baloo. There are some pages that seem a little repetitive, but these are less than five. Floral elements are tightly woven between all pages, some with many flowery additions, and some with a handful. This can be a bit overwhelming in some spots, but for the most part they only add to the image.

Intricacy and line thickness are both consistent, and remain moderate throughout. There is a great variety of images that have large open spaces and others that are more detailed. None are what I would describe as very detailed.


Books that have a story theme are fantastic for those who suffer from pain or mental health issues. Any book that uses your imagination can be used to effectively distract or wind down from an anxious day, pain, or anything else.

There is a nice variety of people, natural elements, and other items. This book would be very suitable for those with low or fluctuating concentration levels, as you can choose to colour an entire page, or just one element, such as one character or some leaves if you are struggling to concentrate.

Line thickness is moderate to thin throughout, and should be suitable for those with vision impairments, however please do check the images or video flipthrough before deciding. Intricacy does vary throughout, but I think it would be suitable for anyone, as the artwork is adaptable to varying concentration levels.

The Jungle Book is available on the Book Depository here  or Amazon US here. Using these links gives me a small (4-5%) commission which covers part of th  cost of this blog.

I hope you have enjoyed this review,
Ali x

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