Artist – Alex Solis

Pages – 64

Publisher – Skyhorse Publishing



The Adorable Circle Of Life is an artwork series by Alex Solis that has been published as a hardcover book and now as a colouring book.

The cover is a thin glossy card with a partially coloured image from the interior. The spine is glue bound and the book lies reasonably flat from first use. It is 27.2cm x 21.1cm (10.7″ x 8.3″) and 64 pages, a little shorter than standard A4 size.

Images are single sided, which allows for the use of most mediums without risking the next image. Paper is medium weight, bright white and has a little tooth. Both oil and wax based pencils lay down well, as do fineliners and waterbased markers. Alcohol markers will bleed, ensure you remove the page or have some paper behind the pic you are working on to protect the next image.

Pages are perforated for ease of removal.

Coloured with Crayola coloured pencils.


There is a silent flipthrough at the end of this post.

The Adorable Circle Of Life plays on natural predator-prey relationships with humour, and illustrates these animals in their natural environments – blood, fangs and all – in a cute, kawaii style.

Images include a monkey in a crocodiles mouth surrounded by the jungle, a lion hanging off a giraffes neck in the savan Inah and a snow covered fox carrying a bunny. For a simple premise, the artist has drawn these with humour and each image is different to the last, none of the images becoming repetitive.

Images are neither detailed, nor simple, with large and small areas in each. Linework varies from thin to moderate throughout, with some images having some solid black areas.


Animals and nature are such soothing things to colour, although soothing might not be the word to describe this book! I found it quite amusing, and colouring the images was fun, although it will not be to every ones taste.

The intricacy and line thickness means that it will most likely be suitable for those with vision impairments, although please do check the images and flipthrough. This book would suit those with fluctuating concentration levels as there are natural stopping points in each image – a leaf, a flower, an animal etc.

The Adorable Circle Of Life Coloring Book is available from Amazon US here and the Book Depository here. Buying through these links means that the blog gets a small commission (4-5%) which helps pay for the books I review.

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Batgirl x


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